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Sarah Clawson

Sarah Clawson completed her undergraduate studies in 2008, receiving a Bachelor’s in the Science of Nursing. She graduated in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Women’s Health and has since obtained certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Sarah was born and raised with two sisters in the small town of Sedgwick, Kansas where she graduated from high school. After attending Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas where she obtained her undergraduate degree in nursing, she worked as a labor and delivery nurse at Wesley Medical Center. It was not long before realizing she wanted to further her education, particularly in women’s health. Sarah continued to work in labor and delivery while attending graduate school. In 2011, she graduated with a master’s in nursing, specifically as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. In her eight years of practice, she has cared for patients in a traditional setting for a multitude of women’s health needs within the realms of gynecology and obstetrics. It was in the latter two years of practice that Sarah was exposed to and fell in love with Functional Medicine. As this knowledge continued to grow, Sarah learned of the limitations that conventional medicine can pose in certain circumstances. In response, she began studying Functional Medicine as it pertains to women’s health and started implementing many of these interventions into her patient care. The biggest of these was the use of bioidentical hormones in women experiencing symptoms that are consistent with changes during menopausal transition. The response from women was overwhelmingly positive and highly motivating for her to continue working with these ladies. Sarah says, “BHRT was the gateway drug for me in regard to functional medicine.” She quickly learned just how interconnected all body systems are and soon found herself learning thyroid management, adrenal issues, and more-as no system can be made well without taking into consideration the wellness of the others.

Sarah’s love for helping women is not limited to menopause. She also works with those who are seeking treatment for fertility concerns, optimizing health preconception, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular or painful periods, PMS, and pelvic pain to name a few.

Sarah’s approach to helping women achieve optimal wellness includes a comprehensive technique that incorporates the patients physical, mental/emotional needs. This includes combining symptoms with lab findings as opposed to treating only symptoms or lab values. A patient’s health and family history also help determine the appropriate treatment plan. Once a plan is developed, Sarah also insists her patients understand that optimal hormonal health is equally dependent upon:

  • Overall healthy lifestyle (dietary/digestion, sleep, exercise, mindfulness/stress management).
  • A supportive network of relationships (spouse, family, friends, co-workers).

Sarah is proud and excited to bring her knowledge of women’s health to her patients in her own practice at Wichita Health and Hormone Clinic.

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